Onyx Hubs Europe

Onyx Hubs Europe is a platform providing the leading hub technology for the European market. Our catalog includes a wide variety of hubs found in stock, as well as the option to custom order anything found on Onyx Racing Products catalog.

Our goal is to provide class-leading Onyx Racing Products hubs and accessories to the European market. We do our best to provide premium products with matching customer service.

Onyxhubseurope.com is not part of Onyx Racing Products (a division of Christianson Systems, Inc.). We work in cooperation with them but are a different entity.


For your convenience, all the prices listed on the shop include shipping within the European Union.

Please familiarize yourself with terms and conditions, especially before or when placing an order for custom hub(s) not found in stock.

If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us at info@onyxhubseurope.com