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Below you can find some frequently asked questions and replies to them.

Are you Onyx Racing Products? No. We are a dealer working with Onyx Racing Products (a division of Christianson Systems, Inc.). Our goal is to offer the best performing hubs to the European market, but we are a fully different entity from the Onyx Racing Products company which is a division of Christianson Systems, Inc.

Where do the hubs ship? We operate in Finland, and therefore shipping happens from there as well.

How long is the shipping time? Within the European Union, the shipping time is usually 5-8 days, depending on the destination.

Is the shipment tracked? Yes. We will send a tracking code to you by email once the package has been dispatched.

Is the engagement truly instant on Onyx Racing Products hubs? Yes, or as instant as it is realistically possible. The sprag clutch mechanism has an inherent wind-up when it’s engaged. In practical terms, this means that to reach the full engagement force, the sprags need to wedge themselves between the two cylindrical surfaces. The engagement can be considered instant, but the wind-up does cause a feeling of softness in the drivetrain. With high gear ratios (anywhere below 3rd biggest gear on a mountain bike cassette, a standard BMX gearing, etc.) this is barely noticeable. With very low gear ratios, the softness is more pronounced because the very small movement inherent to the wind up is multiplied because of the low gearing. The video found on Onyx Racing Products’ YouTube channel makes a good job of illustrating the function of the sprag clutch mechanism and the wind-up effect when the system engages.

What do I need to do or what parts do I need to switch from one freewheel standard/interface to another? The newest Onyx hubs employ an ingenious MFU system which stands for modular freehub unit. Changing the driver on an MFU-equipped is very straightforward: pull the end cap off, push the new driver in, and push the end cap back to its place.

With older Classic hubs the operation is a bit more involved, and there are two options: a new freehub body/driver that fits the current axle assembly or a completely new MFU-compatible axle assembly with a new freehub body/driver.

Do note that with MFU-compatible freehub bodies/drivers, the end caps differ between models. Sram XDR and Shimano HG driver end caps are interchangeable, whereas the Shimano Micro Spline driver uses an end cap with differing dimensions.

If in doubt about the components needed to make the change, get in touch by email at

Can I use an Onyx hub on my ebike? Yes, but only the Classic is approved for ebike use by the manufacturer. The reason being that the Classic model employs the strongest and most robust sprag clutch mechanism found on the manufacturer’s MTB product lineup.

To put a number on things, the sprag clutch mechanism used in the Vesper hubs is approximately 75% of the size compared to the ones used in the Classic hubs. The difference in size is the reason for the more robust nature of the sprag clutch used in Classic hubs, but also the lighter weight of the Vesper hubs.

What are the differences between the Classic and Vesper hubs? To put it simply, the Classic line is the sure choice for every application, from bike packing to downhill racing. Vesper is the lightweight model geared towards XC and trail riding but does perform in more demanding applications like in enduro racing. The differences between the two models can be summarized as follows:

  • Classic uses a bigger and stronger sprag clutch mechanism.
  • The Vesper hub shells are made as lightweight as possible without compromising strength. The hub flange diameters can vary between sizes whereas in the Classic hubs, the hub flanges are usually symmetrical.
  • Bearing sizes differ between the two models.
  • Hybrid-ceramic bearings are used as a default in Classic hubs, whereas this bearing type is an upgrade option available separately for Vesper hubs.

Make sure to check the article on this exact matter found in our News & Tech section.

Can I mix and match hub types? Of course, whatever floats your boat! For example, running the heavy-duty Classic in the rear, and the more lightweight Vesper on the front has proven to be a popular choice for a variety of MTB applications.

When placing a custom order, how long do I have to wait to get my hub(s)? The lead time for Onyx Racing Products hubs is approximately 6-9 weeks. When shipping time is added to this, we are talking about 7-10 weeks’ time in total.

Can I order any hub model with any configuration through Yes, as long as it’s listed on, you can order it.

Are all the colors available that are listed on the site? Yes. Do note that some colors can be available only for a limited time period.

What’s the most durable color or surface finish option? In general, the anodized finishes are the most durable ones, and also ensure the best possible and even finish. If you are particularly picky about even the smallest details, we do encourage you to choose a color from anodized options.

What spares do you carry in stock? We have some of the most common spares available in stock. The list includes hybrid ceramic and steel bearing sets, freehub bodies/driver, sprag clutch units, and axles.

How much do Onyx hubs weigh? All hub weights are listed on the manufacturer’s site at Refer there to get the exact weight of the hub model you are interested in. In general, if you are after the lightest hubs and wheels possible, Onyx hubs might not be the correct choice for you. The sprag clutch mechanism contains quite a bit of high-grade hardened steel to function, which in turn comes with its own weight. It needs to be said, however, that considering the features and other benefits the Onyx hubs offer, the Vesper model line is very competitive in weight even on the highest level of racing in XC, road, and gravel disciplines.

How often do I need to service my Onyx hubs? Service schedule depends on many factors, like the amount of use, conditions, how and how often the bike is washed, etc. Having said that, Onyx hubs are one of the most low-maintenance options in the market thanks to the high-quality bearings used, and the sprag clutch mechanism which does not contain parts that are subjected to high wear rates. We know riders who have ridden their Onyx hubs for several seasons without touching them, although this is not encouraged.

It is important that bearing preload should be adjusted before the first ride, and checked periodically. To get the best possible performance of your Onyx hub set, do a seasonal check-up 2-3 times a year, and watch for any signs that indicate the need for servicing. Detailed video instructions for these procedures can be found on Onyx Racing Products YouTube channel.

Do I need any special tools to service Onyx hubs? No. Servicing the Onyx hubs can be done with common tools which include hex keys and sockets. When replacing and installing bearings, the use of a bearing puller and bearing press is highly recommended to prevent damaging bearings or other components of the hub. The list of needed tools according to hub type can be found on Onyx Racing Products YouTube channel.

Do note, however, that only KLUBER ISOFLEX LDS 18 Special A lube should be used in the sprag clutch mechanism! The product in question is available in the spares section.

Should I adjust the bearing preload on my Onyx hubs? If so, how it’s done? Yes! Bearing preload needs to be adjusted in order to get the best performance of your hubs, but also to get the most mileage out of your bearings. The procedure is dependent on the hub model. Refer to hub-specific instructions found on Onyx Racing Products YouTube channel.

Can I service my Onyx hubs bearings? Yes. The principle and execution are the same as every other high-quality cartridge bearing. See the video instructions on Onyx Racing Products YouTube channel.

What should I do if I encounter problems with Onyx Racing Products hub or the function isn’t as intended? If the hub was purchased from us, get in touch by email at

Will you sponsor me? If you think that you got what it takes, and have a thought-out proposal to make, get in touch by

What kind of warranty do the Onyx hubs have? Refer to the full warranty conditions found on We do our best to provide the best service possible if problems do arise.

What’s your B2B policy? In addition to retail business, B2B is a part of our operations. If you want to purchase products via the B2B route, get in touch by email, and include the following information.

  • Business name
  • VAT ID
  • Full address
  • Phone number
  • Other relevant information

Do you work with dealerships? We are open to collaboration. Please send an email to, and let’s take it from there.

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