Custom Wheels

We offer a variety of custom wheels to get you out riding and enjoying the instant engagement, low drag, and silent operation of your freshly purchased Onyx Racing Products hubs.


Our custom wheel range falls into two categories.

  • Express wheels – found in stock, built on order! All of the components needed for the wheel build in question are in stock or available on a competitive lead time. Pricing is also readily available for these wheels.

Explore the selection by heading to our webshop. – Wheels


  • Fully custom and made-to-order. For these wheels, some or all of the components are ordered separately, including the Onyx Racing Hubs or your choice, rims, and even spokes. Ask for availability and pricing by emailing

The Process

All wheels are hand-built with a spoke tensiometer with the utmost detail as every wheel built around the Onyx Racing Products hub should. A 3-cross lacing pattern is used as a default unless there’s a very good reason to choose otherwise.

The build process consists of the following work stages:

  • Get in touch to choose a wheelset that suits your needs the best. The aspects of the build include things such as hub, rim, spoke count, and the type of spokes used.
  • You will receive a quote for the build, and approximate lead time.
  • After the agreement is reached about the final spec, payment is done, and the build process starts.
  • Spoke lengths are calculated based on the hub and rim dimensions.
  • Nipples and spoke threads are lubed before or during lacing to ensure minimal friction when tensioning the wheel and to prevent seizing.
  • Spokes are brought slowly and evenly towards the final tension.
  • Wheel dish and trueness are checked constantly during the build.
  • The wheel is built with the maximum spoke tension allowed by the rim. The Onyx Racing Products hubs are approved to be built up to 120kgf of spoke tension which is used if not otherwise indicated by the rim manufacturer.
  • The wheel is stress-relieved several times during the build process.
  • The wheel is built to even tension within +/-5%.
  • Spoke tension meter is used throughout the build.

It goes without saying that the highest standard of trueness is complied with for all of the builds.


Besides the ample choice of Onyx Racing Products hubs found in stock, we offer the following components for the wheel builds.


See the up-to-date rim stock selection below.

Model Diameter (inches) Hole count Inner width (mm) Material
DT Swiss EX511 29 32 30 Aluminium
DT Swiss EX511 29 28
DT Swiss FR 541 29 32
DT Swiss FR 541 27,5 32
DT Swiss XM481 29 32
DT Swiss XM481 29 28
E13 TRS+ 29 28 27
Lilienthal XE 29 28 30 Carbon
Newmen Evolution SL A.30 29 32 30 Aluminium
Newmen Evolution SL A.30 29 28
Newmen Evolution SL EG.30 29 32
Newmen Evolution SL EG.30 27,5 32
Newmen Evolution SL EG.35 29 32 35
Revel Bikes RW30 29 32 29 FusionFiber™
Revel Bikes RW30 29 28
Spank Industries 359 29″/32H 29 32 30,5 Aluminium
Stan’s Flow EX3 29″/32H 29 32 30
WTB Frequency Team i29 TCS 29 32 29
DT Swiss GR 531db 700C 28 24 Aluminium
Spank Flare 24 Vibrocore 28″ 700C 28 24
ICE TR27X 20 36 26 Carbon
Stay Strong Reactiv 20 36 26 Aluminium

If the desired rim of choice isn’t listed, get in touch by email at

Spokes and nipples

Sapim spokes are preferred for most of the builds thanks to their excellent quality and good availability. The Race model is the preferred choice for mountain bike, and BMX wheels, and other heavy-duty applications because of its competitive weight and excellent strength. For lightweight builds, other spoke models are optional.

Brass nipples are used as a standard because of their strength, durability, and ability to resist corrosion, and seizing. Weight savings achieved by using aluminium nipples are minuscule and provide very little benefit considering the otherwise superior qualities of brass nipples.

Besides standard steel spokes offered by household names like Sapim, and DT Swiss, we are very excited to offer high-tensile polymer spokes from Berd Spokes. The innovative technology and design enable considerable weight savings and the right type of elasticity for the wheel all without any compromises in strength or lateral stiffness. Refer to the materials found on the manufacturer’s website and the photo embedded below to learn more.

The complete list of available components for spokes and nipples consists of the following manufacturer’s models.

  • Sapim spokes and nipples
  • DT Swiss spokes and nipples
  • Berd spokes


When ordering from the in-stock options, the order process is as straightforward as it gets; place your order, and you’ll receive an order confirmation by email with an estimated lead time. You’ll be informed when the wheels are shipped with an accompanying tracking code.

For full custom and made-to-order types of wheels, get in touch by email at and we will help you to choose the components for the wheel build of a lifetime. You’ll be guided throughout the process with recommendations based on real-world experience so that you will end up with a wheelset that will exceed your expectations, no matter how high they are.

Get in touch at info[at] to start the process of getting a set of wheels that are built for your exact needs and specifications with the highest quality components.

Browse our wheel gallery to draw ideas and inspiration for your build.