Onyx Hubs Are the Leading Choice for BMX Racing

Onyx Racing Products has deep roots in BMX racing. Jim Gerhardt, the company founder, wasn’t happy with the hub offerings at the time when he was building a bike for his son. One thing led to another, first prototypes were made, and soon history was made. Today Onyx hubs are the standard to which all other BMX racing hubs are compared.

Read further to learn why that is.

Instant engagement

Onyx Racing Products hubs are synonymous with instant engagement. Apply force to the pedal, and the response will be immediate. When aiming for a holeshot from the gate, or stepping on the gas after a turn, fractions of seconds do matter. The patented sprag clutch mechanism found inside the Onyx Racing Products hubs helps you to take full advantage of every possible timeslot that’s available for power delivery.  

Super low rolling resistance

Drag is an enemy every bike racer is in competition with. Luckily, the sprag clutch mechanism, paired with hybrid ceramic bearings found as a default feature in all Onyx BMX hubs – except for the OHM Base model – creates a hub that has the lowest rolling resistance out there!

Instead of relying on bold marketing claims, the subject has been studied by Duke University. Refer to the article linked below. 

ISO Disc mounts, and All Axle Spacing Options

Onyx was the first manufacturer to produce BMX race hubs with ISO 6-bolt disc mounts on a big scale. Back in the day, if you wanted to run disc brakes on your BMX race bike, Onyx hubs were the best, and sometimes the only choice.

Besides ISO 6-bolt and Centerlock mount standard found on the OHM hubs, Onyx hubs have the widest assortment of axle spacing standards, including the following:


  • 8x100mm Bolt-on axle
  • 10x100mm Bolt-on axle
  • 12x100mm Thru-bolt
  • 15x100mm Thru-bolt
  • 20x100mm Thru-bolt


  • 10x110mm Bolt-on axle
  • 12x110mm Thru-bolt
  • 15x110mm Thru-bolt
  • 20x110mm Thru-bolt

Superior Reliability

Besides offering instant engagement, silent operation, and ultra-low drag, the patented sprag clutch mechanism is highly reliable and comes with minimal service requirements! As long as the mechanism is free of contaminants, it will keep on ticking and deliver the performance Onyx hubs are known for. 

A beautiful feature of the sprag clutch mechanism is that it has virtually no parts that are subjected to wear. No small springs, no teeth, no pawls – just high-grade steel that’s formed into sprags that are placed between two cylindrical surfaces. 

In BMX racing applications, annual service is a good service recommendation to start with. Often times Onyx BMX hubs can go significantly longer without the need for servicing, but it’s never a bad idea to check that everything is in order at least once per year. An important note about servicing is that only Kluber Isoflex LDS 18 Special lube should be used in the sprag clutch mechanism! See the video below for more information.

All the colours – and some more! 

Want to have a colour scheme that matches your build? Even in the most exotic cases, Onyx hubs will deliver! The standard colour library consists of no fewer than 24 anodized or powder-coated colour choices! Couple that with the selection of 10 different end cap/widget colour choices, and you have a hub set that will turn some heads – with race-winning performance, naturally.

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