Onyx Vesper HK X Revel Bikes RW30 Wheels

A combination of Onyx Racing Products Vesper Hubs, Berd PolyLight Spokes, and US-made Revel Bikes RW30 rims create a truly ultimate wheelset that is worth a closer look!

Hook Flange Technology

The patented Hook Flange technology was developed specifically fo Berd PolyLight Spokes, making the lacing process an order of magnitude easier and faster. In addition to that, service procedures are significantly faster, and the hub shells require zero preparation work before lacing. This means in turn that a full manufacturer warranty is maintained on all components.

Hook Flange hub shells are available on the following Onyx Racing Products hub models:

  • OHM
  • Ultra BMX
  • Vesper in MTB and gravel-specific spacing
  • Vesper HGSS for single-speed, pumptrack, and dirt jump use
  • FAT

For more information, refer to the previously published article describing the technology in full detail.

Onyx Vesper Hook Flange Hubs for Berd Spokes

Berd PolyLight Spokes

The PolyLight spokes have taken the high-end bicycle wheel industry by storm. The UHMWPE material employed in the PolyLight spokes is supremely tough, and light, and has unique vibration damping properties.

All of these features combined make a set of spokes that will create a wheelset with class-leading ride characteristics! Light, strong and compliant in just the right way – what more could one ask for?

Revel Bikes RW30 Rims

Revel Bikes RW30 rims are made of proprietary Fusion-Fiber­­™ material. As opposed to traditional carbon fiber types, it’s a thermoplastic material. In practical terms this means that the rims can be reused if wanted or needed, making them environmentally friendly products.

In addition to that, there is no shortage of features when it comes to ride qualities with these rims. Fusion-Fiber­­™ is considerably tougher than traditional carbon fiber types, making the rims more impact resistant and therefore durable.

When it comes to dimensions, the RW30 rims tick all the boxes that one is looking for in modern top-tier mountain bike rims:

  • 36mm outer width.
  • 29mm inner width
  • 23mm height.
  • 485g weight in 29″ size.

Revel Bikes rims are made in the US and come with a lifetime warranty.

Full Spec List

Front Rear
Hubs Vesper Boost HK Centerlock, 28H, Anodized Black Shell & Widgets Vesper Boost HK Centerlock, 28H, XDR Freehub Driver Body Anodized Black Shell & Widgets
Spokes Berd Spokes Polylight, black colour
Nipples Sapim Polyax Double Square Secure-Lock, brass
Rims Revel Bikes RW30 29″, 28H

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