Onyx Vesper MTB HK CL 24/28H in Anodized Turquoise – A Particularly Nice Hub Set

Happy days are always on the horizon when a new order from Onyx RP lands! This time it was especially so when a special type of hub set landed. Read further to see all about it.

The Nomenclature

In case you’re not familiar with the Nomenclature used with Onyx Racing Products hubs, a previously published article is on the list of recommended reading.

Onyx Racing Products Nomenclature

In this case, the model name Onyx Vesper MTB HK CL stands for the following:

  • Vesper – Vesper hub model. The premiere option for XC, trail & even enduro riding – and especially for road and gravel riding applications.
  • MTB – MTB spacing stands for the 100mm wide front hub spacing, and 142mm wide rear hub spacing, covering all standard axle diameters, like 12mm and 15mm thru-axles in the rear.
  • HK – Hook Flange. The ingenious design, developed specifically to be used with the splendid Berd PolyLight Spokes! To learn more about the technology, refer to the article linked below.
  • CL – Centerlock disc mounting standard. The HK hubs are available in Centerlock mounting only.
  • 24/28H – The spoke hole count for this particular hub set. With the option of custom orders, one can choose any spoke hole count, axle standard, and colour to mix & match in order to match the exact specs desired. In this case, the front hub was specified with 24H spoke count, and the rear hub 28H spoke count, respectively.

Onyx Vesper Hook Flange Hubs for Berd Spokes

All the Colours – And Some More

Onyx Racing Products hubs have the widest colour selection available in the business! There are 24 standard hub shell colours in addition to the monthly changing limited colour editions. In other words, if you want to have something truly special, and unique, follow our and Onyx RP feeds to order yours when a colour that hits home for you becomes available.

In addition to the hub shell colours, the colour of the end caps – or widgets in the Onyx RP nomenclature – have 10 more anodized colour options. Black and clear are the standard options with an additional 8 options that are subjected to a modest additional price when ordering.

As can be seen here, the full anodized turquoise setup presents some true eye candy, no matter how you look at it!

Order Yours Now

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