Berd PolyLight Spokes – White, 250-315mm


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Berd Spokes are the premiere spoke option based on innovative technology. The use of Berd PolyLight spokes will create a light and highly compliant wheel that meets the demands of all riding disciplines, from BMX racing to gravel racing and everything in between.

  • Available lengths: 250-315mm in 1 mm steps.
  • White colour.
  • Use Berd spoke length calculator for spoke length calculation!
  • Compatible with standard straight-pull and J-bend hubs or with the new and innovative Hook Flange design pioneered by Onyx Racing Products.
  • Standard 2.0mm stainless threaded connection at the rim.
  • Integral eyelet for connection to J-bend or straight pull hubs. Straightpull inserts are required when using a hub with straightpull flanges!
  • The use of Sapim Double Square Secure-Lock nipples is recommended!
  • Tangential straight pull hubs require tangential straight pull inserts that are sold separately. Make sure to verify the need. If in doubt, get in touch by email.
  • Building a wheel with PolyLight spokes requires a Berd Builder’s Kit that is available separately. The Kit can be used to build multiple wheels.
  • Each spoke order (per 24 spokes) will receive one Berd Consumables Kit, which includes rods for spoke loops, wire with loop ends, grinding bit, rubber polishing bits), and Berd wheel stickers.

The approximate delivery for spokes not found in stock is 5-6 weeks.


How do the Berd PolyLight Spokes cope under some heavy-duty use? Read the review at to learn all about it!

Review: Berd PolyLight Fiber Spokes


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