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Full service with bearing replacement includes disassembly, cleaning, checking, regreasing as well as replacing your Onyx Racing Produictshub with correct bearings.

The prices listed are starting prices and the total sum will be confirmed once the following information is known:

  1. Hub type with the model and quantities of the bearings used.
  2. Type of bearings: hybrid-ceramic or steel.

These points are discussed with the customer after which the total sum of the service work and replacement components are agreed upon. For reference to the pricing, visit the Spares & Components section of our shop to see different bearing options.

Price is for one hub or wheel only and includes the return shipping costs to the customer.

Shipping and other practicalities

After purchasing the service option, you will be contacted by email with more detailed information about shipping as well as confirming the status of the hub and the width of work most likely needed to bring it back to 100% working condition.

Wheel truing and other services

If you want to have your wheel trued at the same time, that can be done. Our staff is highly experienced in building and truing wheels, and all the work in this area is done with high-quality tools and a spoke tension meter.  Contact us beforehand to give a more detailed image of the scope of work.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@onyxhubseurope.com


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