Onyx 20mm Thru-bolt Axle


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Onyx 20mm Thru-bolt Axle – the dedicated axle for BMX front hubs. Also compatible for frames with determined lengths.

  • 20mm diameter.
  • Three lengths to suit a variety of forks, from chromoly to carbon models: 109mm, 114mm, 118mm, 120, 120 or 130mm.
  • 8mm hex-key slots.
  • Supplied with 2×3.2mm aluminium spacers to ensure a precise fit.
  • Anodized black colour.

Thru-bolt Length

To determine the correct length for the thru-bolt, follow the guidelines listed at onyxrp.com.

A= Width of Fork/Frame Dropout B= Width of Hub C= Width of Fork/Frame Dropout

**Measure all lengths with spacers, chain tensioners, and potential adaptors in place*

Add A + B + C to get the overall length of the axle required.

Thru axles are compatible with forks within +/- 1 mm of the listed length. Spacers included with thru-axles for length reduction.
Order next size up if frame/fork does not fall within parameters.

The responsibility of arriving at the correct length with the instructions given is on customer’s responsibility.


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109mm, 114mm, 118mm, 120mm, 122mm, 130mm


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