Onyx Classic ISO Boost MFU Axle Assembly

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A full axle assembly to upgrade an existing Classic Boost ISO rear hub with the latest and greatest MFU axle assembly!

Components included:

  • Axle.
  • Driver sleeve assembly.
  • End caps, anodized black colour.
  • Freehub driver body of choice.

Note! The assembly is only compatible with Boost ISO rear hubs! Get in touch by email to order different specs if needed (e.g Boos Centerlock, 142×12 mm thru-axle etc.)


Refer to the excellent video on how to install the MFU axle assembly found on the Onyxrp YouTube channel.

Want to Know More?

Confused about what an MFU axle is? Head to our news & tech section to learn more.

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Shimano HG, Shimano HG (chromoly), Shimano Micro Spline, Sram XDR, Sram XDR (chromoly)