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Replacement sprag clutches for Onyx Racing Products hubs.

  • Note! When purchasing replacement sprag clutches, it’s best to ensure compatibility by email. Check your driver serial number according to the instructions found here, and send it by email to info@onyxhubseurope.com or write down the driver serial number in the note section during the checkout process.
  • Sold individually or as a pair.
  • Refer to the table below to determine the type used in your hub. No 100% accuracy is guaranteed! Get in touch by email to verify the correct model for your hub.
Hub Model Clutch Model Manufacturer’s SKU
OHM 432-Z2 084579
Pro 432-Z 039661
Ultra 437-Z 039654
Ultra SS 442-Z 084397
Vesper 432-Z & 432-Z2 084579 & 039661
Classic 432-Z x 2 039661
FAT 432-Z x 2 039661

When servicing the Onyx sprag clutch mechanism, ensure that only Kluber ISOFLEX LDS 18 Special grease is used for service procedures!

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432-Z, 432-Z – pair, 432-Z & 432-Z2, 432-Z2, 437-Z, 442-Z


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