Onyx Vesper Boost Anodized Black 29″/32H – Express Wheelset

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Express Wheelsets

Express wheelsets consist of components that have proven themselves over the years on the trails as well as in the workshop. All the parts are found in stock in order to guarantee quick lead time and swift delivery. All Express Wheelsets are sold in pairs (front and rear) and are shipped tubeless-ready unless specified otherwise.

Wheels are built to order and will ship approximately 4-7 working days after the order.  Shipping costs inside the EU are included in the price, Ask for a quote by email for other shipping destinations: UK, Switzerland, and to other non-EU countries.


This Express Wheelset is built around Onyx Racing Classic hubs are the tried and true choice that keeps on humming smoothly even after years of use. The Vesper model is the lightweight model found in the Onyx Racing Products lineup that’s designed for XC and trail riding.  However, the Vesper is known to be more than capable of meeting the demands of modern enduro riding and racing at the highest levels.  All Vesper hubs are supplied with high-quality steel bearings in combination with the patented sprag clutch mechanism that provides highly reliable function and a long service interval.

100% silent operation and instant engagement are standard features in all Onyx Racing Products hubs. The Vesper model is not approved for e-bike use. If you’re searching for a wheelset to be used on an e-bike, check out the Express Wheelset models built around Classic hubs.

Hub specs are as follows:

  • Vesper model, anodized matte black colour.
  • Boost sizing – 110x15mm / 148x12mm.
    • Torque Cap compatible front axles are available separately. Ask for more details by email.
  • ISO 6-bolt disc mounts.
  • 32H shells.
  • Freewheel driver options: Shimano HG, XDR or Micro Spline. If you want to learn more about driver standards, please refer to the article linked below.

XD, XDR and HG Freehub Drivers

Rim Options

We offer the following rim options for this Express Wheelset model. The colour and/or decals are stock unless otherwise mentioned.  All rims listed are 29″ in diameter, and with 32H spoke count.

Manufacturer & model Material Inner width Colour/decals
DT Swiss EX511 Al 30mm
DT Swiss FR 541 Al 30mm
Lilienthal XE Carbon 30mm White lettering & valve stripe
Newmen Evolution A.30 Al 30mm
Newmen Evolution SL A.30 Al 30mm
Newmen Evolution SL EG.30 Al 30mm
Newmen Evolution SL EG.35 Al 35mm
Revel RW30 FusionFiber 30mm
Spank 359 Al 30mm
Stan’s Flow EX3 Al 29mm
WTB ST i29 TCS Al 29mm

Spokes and Nipples

All Express Wheelsets are built with Sapim Race spokes in black colour. The Race spoke is the default choice for our builds for numerous reasons:

  • Excellent value.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Better fatigue-resistance properties than straight gauge 2.0mm spokes.
  • Easy to source in case spares are needed.

Race spokes are paired with black-coloured Sapim Polyax brass nipples (standard or Double Square version). Brass nipples are used almost exclusively in all of our builds because of their longevity, low to zero maintenance needs, corrosion resistance and strength. Secure-Lock nipples or traditional ones with a mild adhesive compound to prevent unwanted loosening, improve wheel reliability, and lessen service needs.

Additional notes related to rim manufacturer specifications:

  • MG washers are used for wheels built around aluminium Newmen rims, according to the manufacturer’s specs.
  • DT Swiss PHR washers are used in all DT Swiss rims on which the manufacturer’s specifications list so.

If you are in the search of other spokes – Berd PolyLight spokes for example– or nipples for your build, get in touch by email for more details.


All Express Wheelsets are built with 3-cross lacing unless otherwise agreed upon. All the wheels are built by hand, carefully tensioned and stress-relieved thoroughly in order to create wheels that provide maximum strength and minimal service needs.

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DT Swiss EX511, DT Swiss FR 541, Lilienthal XE, Newmen Evolution A. 30, Newmen Evolution SL A.30, Newmen Evolution SL EG.30, Revel RW30, Spank 359, Stan's Flow EX3, WTB ST I29 TCS


Shimano HG, Shimano HG (chromoly), Shimano Micro Spline, Sram XDR, Sram XDR (chromoly)