Onyx Vesper Boost Hook Flange Centerlock 32H, Anodized Black

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The Vesper hubs are the lightweight option in the Onyx Racing Products lineup geared toward XC and trail riding. The legendary Onyx performance with instant engagement, stealth sound, and low drag features is available now in a lightweight package.

The Hook Flange design is to be used with Berd PolyLight Spokes only, making the installation and build faster and more convenient than ever before!

  • Vesper model. Only compatible with Berd PolyLight Spokes!
  • Boost standard. 110x15mm front hub spacing , 148x12mm rear hub spacing.
  • Centerlock disc mounting. Note that 15mm thru-axles most likely require an externally serrated lockring.
  • 32H front and rear.
  • Shimano HG, Shimano Micro Spline, or Sram XDR freewheel driver.
  • Anodized black finish.
  • Available separately or as a pair.

Hook Flange Technology

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Onyx Vesper Hook Flange Hubs for Berd Spokes

XD vs. XDR? What’s the difference?

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XD, XDR and HG Freehub Drivers




Additional information


Front, Rear, Set


None, Shimano HG, Shimano HG (chromoly), Shimano Micro Spline, Sram XDR


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