Onyx Hubs Europe is a dealer for Onyx Racing Products, and thus a separate entity from the company itself. We are focused on providing the best hubs in the business for mountain bikes, e-bikes, gravel and road bikes, as well as BMX bikes for the European market.

Besides having a broad inventory of stock, and an option for custom orders, we strive to deliver matching customer service for the best hubs in the market.


Onyx Racing Products hubs have a long list of features that grants them the leading position in the high-performance hub market. All Onyx Racing Products hubs have the following features:

  • Hub shells made of aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum.
  • Available in almost all sizes and configurations possible, including freewheel driver options.
  • Instant engagement and silent operation.
  • Wide range of finishing and color options.
  • Adjustable preload for bearings (on most models).
  • 5-year limited warranty to the original owner, refer to the warranty conditions at onyxrp.com.
  • Wide grease service temperature range of -50°C  to 120°C.
  • Spoke tension up to 120kgf to create the strongest wheel possible.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.


Onyx Racing Products hubs have a legendary reputation for fully silent operation, instant engagement, and being the fastest hubs in the market. All of these features have their foundation in the technologies and manufacturing methods used in manufacturing the hubs. The most notable — the ones you can feel on the trail, road, or track – are listed below.

Patented Sprag Clutch Mechanism

The patented sprag clutch mechanism is the centerpiece of the Onyx Racing Products hubs. This mechanism is responsible for the silent operation, instant engagement, and reliability the Onyx hubs are known for. It’s a time-tested engineering solution used widely in the automotive industry, and numerous industrial applications. Onyx Racing Products introduced this technology in bicycle hubs, and the rest is history.

sprag clutch is a type of one-way freewheel clutch. The construction and components found on it resemble traditional roller bearing, but with few notable differences. Instead of being round, the sprags have asymmetric figure-eight resembling shapes. Another key difference to traditional roller bearings is that the sprags do not rotate in use.

The sprag clutch allows rotation freely in one direction, but when the direction of rotation is changed by the application of torque (pedaling torque transmitted by the chain and other drivetrain components, in this case), the sprags tilt or “stand up”, wedging themselves between two cylindrical surfaces, and thus creating a very strong coupling between the two surfaces.

This is the silent, and instant engagement in action that the Onyx Racing Products hubs are known for.

Besides having an instant engagement and silent operation, the sprag clutch system has other considerable advantages:

  • Ultralow drag when coasting.
  • Robust and low-maintenance construction, the sprag clutch mechanism does not have parts that are subjected to high wear like springs or pawls.
  • Reliabillity – no loud or expensive-sounding noises when accelerating or attacking a steep hill.

See the sprag clutch mechanism in action in the embedded video below.

Precision bearings

All Onyx Racing Products hubs are supplied with top-of-the-line sealed bearings. Two types of bearings are used in the Onyx hubs: ceramic hybrid bearings and high-quality steel bearings.

Ceramic hybrid bearings employ ceramic bearing balls, and steel bearing races. This combination brings the best of both materials, and thus creating a bearing with very low friction, and maximum lifespan even in heavy and demanding use. Alla Onyx Classic and BMX hubs feature ceramic bearings as default. The Vesper hubs can be upgraded to ceramic bearings for 110€ per hub.

The class-leading hybrid-ceramic bearings employed in the Onyx Racing Products’ hubs.

First Class Materials

All Onyx Racing Products hubs are manufactured from the best available materials. The list includes things such as

  • 7075 Aluminum alloy hub shell.
  • Titanium bolts.
  • Stainless steel driver bodies (available separately).

All manufacturing takes place in Onyx Racing Products’ own factory, located in Minnesota, USA. Onyx hubs are a true US-made product.


The ordering process has two options:

  1. Stock orders. Purchase products from stock inventory. Payment is done via credit card, and the products will ship within 1-3 working days. A tracking code is sent by email after the order is shipped.
  2. Custom orders. If the desired hub model or models, are not found from stock inventory, a custom order can be placed. Refer to the custom order product pages for more details in the links found below.

Leadtime for custom orders is usually 6-8 weeks. If the schedule for your order is critical, get in touch with us by email beforehand at info@onyxhubseurope.com

Payment Options

Payment options include. all the most widely used credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Invoicing is also an option. To find out more information about payment, and general T&C’s, head to our Terms and Conditions page.


Is there something we did not manage to cover? First, check the FAQ section, and if the information you are looking for wasn’t found there, get in touch by sending an email at info@onyxhubseurope.com