XD, XDR and HG Freehub Drivers

The of XD vs. XDR freehub drivers were covered in a previous article about the ingenious MFU axle design. However, the matter at hand has so much weight that it deserves an own – but brief – article of its own. On top of that Onyx Racing Products came up with an excellent video covering the subject which is found below.

XD and XDR Standards

Since the introduction of the MFU axle design, Onyx Racing Products hubs only been supplied with the Sram XDR driver. This has been a source of confusion from time to time since the majority of mountain bike cassettes employ the XD standard.

Conveniently, the XDR can be converted to XD with the use of a 1.85mm spacer that’s supplied with all XDR-equipped hubs. Please see the video below to see the instructions and how the interface works.

Interface standard1.85mm spacer installedNotes
XDRNoMostly seen in road bikes
XDYesCommonly used in MTB components

HG-11 and 10

The same thing applies to Shimano HG freehubs since those are also supplied with an identical spacer. HG interface works

Interface standard1.85mm spacer installedNotes
HG-11NoThe most common standard used in MTB, gravel and road bikes.
HG-10YesAn old standard that’s rarely used

Conveniently, Onyx Racing Products has made a very informative video about this subject as well.

Driver Material

Armed with this information, one can easily choose the correct freehub driver. With Classic and single-speed specific HG-SS hubs the only thing left is to choose the driver material. Luckily, we got you covered and have covered this subject at length in a previous article.