The track is where it all started. Power delivery is of the primary importance in BMX racing and the patented sprag clutch mechanism does that especially well. Instant engagement, ultra-low drag, reliable function, and more colors to choose from than an average crayon set contains – what there is more to ask?

The benefits and super-reliable operation of the Onyx Racing Products hubs have been noted in the highest level of competition. Take any international-level competition all the way up to the Olympics, and you are sure to see some, if not even the majority, of the riders on the finals sporting Onyx Racing products hubs.

It is worth noting that Onyx was the first major manufacturer offering ISO 6-Bolt disc mounting option for BMX hubs which has become the standard in the industry.

For a brief introduction to the lineup, see the following list.

  • OHM – The lightest BMX hub option for junior riders up to 55kg. Available only with 10mm axles with an option of Centerlock disc mount interface.
  • Pro Series – The original BMX hub from Onyx, suitable for junior riders and small adults. Available in all axle configurations from 10 to 20mm, as well as in ISO 6-bolt disc mount.
  • Ultra Series – The go to choice for most adult riders and racers who have appreciateable levels of power available. Available in all common axle sizes between 10-20mm, with or without ISO 6-bolt disc mount. Only available in 36 spoke drilling.
  • Ultra SS Series – Looking for the strongest and most reliable power delivery option out there? Ultra SS is your choice. Proven by numerous Olympic caliber riders, the Ultra SS Series hub transfers all the power from the rider to aggressive acceleration. Ultra SS has the biggest and strongest sprag clutch mechanism found on the Onyx Racing Products lineup.

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