We’re open!

The title states the essentials – Onyxhubseurope.com is open.

From the shop, you can purchase leading hubs with the Europen Union to your MTB, BMX, road, or gravel bike from Onyx Racing Products.

FAQ section provides answers to some of the most common questions related to Onyx hubs while the articles provide an in-depth look at the technical side for those who are interested.

Our blog – which you are visiting while reading this – is a place where you can find timely news as well as articles that dive deep into the technical side of things when it comes to hub and wheel technology.

Mission Statement

A mission statement might sound like a fancy term that’s used in board room meetings and other similar occasions. However, we feel that the term is justified here and ours is as follows:

Onyxhubseurope.com is dedicated to provide the leading Onyx Racing Products hubs and accessories to the European market. We do our best to provide premium products with matcing customer service.

What’s Available?

From the Shop section, one can find what’s available from stock. We carry a wide range of hubs for MTB and E-MTB applications as well as some models for BMX and gravel bikes. The stock selection will increase over time as more products are added.

Besides the stock selection, one can order any hub with any configurations that’s available from Onyxrp.com. For more information, see the dedicated order sites.

Custom order – Single hub

Custom order – Hub set

Who Are We?

Onyxhubseurope is run by Syndicate bikes, a shop, and distributor based in Finland. After running the Onyx Racing Products hubs for several years, we wanted to provide the opportunity for everyone in the European Union to be able to enjoy the legendary performance Onyx is known for, no matter if it’s on or off-road or on the track.

For more detailed information, see the Contact & FAQ page.